Above the Clouds

Meet The Team & Their Superhero Strength

Deep Roots Winery & Bistro harbors something exceptionally different than your average winery. Amidst their clean decor,

hospitable staff, and fragrant scents wafting from the kitchen window – superheros walk among them. Only rarely are they

called out by name, but more often than not, they walk among staff unbeknownst to their customers, possessing superhuman


In reality, there are no people with the ability to fly, shoot lasers from their eyes, or summon a storm of ice. In fact, they are just

regular people, born of regular human origins, but don’t let that fool you. The people behind Deep Roots Winery are tough. They

believe that a little elbow grease will get you farther in life than anything else.

Which is why they work hard every day, lugging cases of grapes, carrying shipments of food from trucks themselves, and putting their own sweat and tears into every ounce of wine produced on the property. The sense of humor they bring to their craft is unmatched, each member of the team wielding a superhero name that can stand the test of hours pressing fruit, perfecting recipes, and running a full restaurant and bar.


At the end of a long day, the smell of wine fermenting overwhelms their noses, and yet they persist. “Cutting corners” isn’t in their

vocabulary, and the labor of love is apparent in every detail of the guest experience.

Mistress Zin

Teara's first true love was wine.  It was complex, elegant, rich and disarming.  But most of all it was honest. 

She has spent the majority of her life learning and crafting beautiful wine for her friends and family to enjoy.  Seeing others' enjoyment coming from something that she had put so much time and passion into made her want to spread the love even more. 

When she met Sensei Steve, she knew she had finally met someone who could help her achieve her dream...and so Deep Roots was born.

Sensei Steve

Steve spent his early career taming nuclear particles while at Los Alamos National Laboratory.  Some say the nuclear exposure has given him a very special ability. 

But unlike Godzilla, Sensei Steve uses his ability to make yummy wines as opposed to attacking Tokyo!  When Sensei Steve met Mistress Zin, his desire to climb the Empire State building while swatting at bi-planes... oh wait, wrong monster! 

 Come in and you may just see the Sensei working his mad science skills on his latest wine. 

The Black Truffle

Carol Ann's love for food started at the very vine-ripe age of 5. She could be found in the kitchen with her mother dancing around to Black Velvet playing on the stereo. 

As she grew older so did her passion for food. It became an obsession and getting everyone together for no reason other than to eat was her M.O.

She became classically trained in the Culinary Arts and has continued to further her skills. 

If you stop by Deep Roots you might just hear the Black Truffle singing a little Black Velvet in the back or "sweet talking" her older sister. 

The Grazer

Christina came into the Walters family 2 years ago when she began nannying for their youngest son. Her passion for wine started early when her first time being drunk was from drinking copious amounts of plum cooking wine she stole from her BFF's parent's kitchen.

Her degree is in botany and she adores all things plants - eating yummy plants, planting useful plants, collecting specimens of plants, identifying wild plants, etc.

Her free time reads like 97% of Colorado Tinder bios in that she loves hiking, climbing, camping, drinking beer, live music, and meeting new dogs. You'll see her dressed in head-to-toe black working behind our bar on the weekends, writing the lettering on our mirror, and letting everyone know how much their hometowns are inferior to Chicago.

Count Lambrusco

When he is not listening to madrigals or sulking in his claw foot tub, Camron emerges from the cellar to spend the majority of his evenings brushing wine and chocolate stains from his teeth. The rest of his night is spent brooding over poems by Tennyson and scoffing at the latest wine trends.