Meet Steve Walters (Husband) - Master Vintner

For the past 25 years Steve Walters has spent his professional career building and crafting things that were designed to last, from Nuclear Reactors to Healthcare start-ups. He began his career at Los Alamos National Laboratory as a scientist in Nuclear non-proliferation detection technology while pursuing his Ph.D in Nuclear Physics.

Next, Steve spent over 12 years at GE in various roles ranging from Nuclear reactor design, joint ventures, quality and operations leadership. He then spent 7+ years growing a start-up in healthcare to IPO managing over $15B in net patient revenue.

In, addition to these accomplishments, Steve then co-founded Ascent Advisory Group, LLC that focused on consulting in healthcare revenue cycle and data analytics. Most recently, Mr. Walters has been in a new start-up focused on the “third essential platform” of health optimization.

After his extensive record of success, Steve decided to start crafting something for himself to enjoy. With his love of science and a palette for French and Italian wines, he has discovered his passion in crafting and blending wines for all to take pleasure in.