Meet Carol Ann Edenburn (Sister) - Head Chef

Carol Ann Edenburn has assumed many roles in her life including a Sergeant in the U.S. Military, a former corporate trainer, and most notably as a chef.

Her fascination with food began at an early age. She could be frequently found in the kitchen as a child cooking alone or with family. Carol Ann is particularly interested in food as a science. She says that her favorite part of cooking is the pairing of flavors and spices.

Carol Ann began her formal training at a vocational high school where she gained experience managing the student café and participating in culinary competitions. She then went on to receive her culinary degree from Robert Morris University in Chicago. It is during this time that she earned an internship to a 5-Star restaurant.

From this point forward, Carol Ann elected to continue her studies at Western Michigan University where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a concentration in Hospitality Management. During her time at this institution, Carol Ann was employed by the Fetzer Center as the lead chef for small events.

Even though food and cooking remained her passion, Carol Ann eventually found herself in the medical field as a corporate trainer where she very successfully ran two offices. Despite her success, she continued to make time to share her true love of food with part-time engagements.